Hey Shockers!

My name is Katja Škorjanc, and I'm 26 years old digital artist from Slovenia. I have a Master's degree in Teacher of Fine Arts.

Most of my artworks are related to illustration, portrait paintings, creatures, landscapes – I adore everything linked with the fantasy world. I am the lead of our team and all artworks from KatieShockArt are my own unique creations.

Katja Škorjanc - Katie Shock

NFTs actually changed my life! Before that I was self employed drawing art for different companies like gaming, promoting, events, festivals, tattoo. I can say it was fun and gave me a lot of experiences but NFTs are totally different world. I can finally express my self trough digital creations world wide and show everybody what i am capable of without a fear of stealing my ideas, concepts or inspirations. It gave me a leverage to earn something but the main thing is I will be dedicated to my creations and NFTs until the end of my life.

With the blockchain technology I can offer my fans to get my artworks which would be worth a lot in future! It is just a matter of time. I will never stop working and growing my brand KatieShockArt. It is not all about the money but some people really like it. If you buy a KatieShockArt you will never regret. You can use your NFTs as prints for decorate your living places you can use them for backgrounds (PC, phone, watch), soon there will also be available displays for presenting NFTs where you will be able to exhibit your collectibles and the best thing is that if you don't like it anymore you can simply and surely sell them on any marketplace for an awesome price.

Currently I am employee at very successful company Outfit7 and I really love the work that I am doing. Every other minute I am dedicated to my NFT project. Here we are working as a team Luka Kačič – Head of crypto and Jernej Peklar – Head of marketing and programming but more about the team you can read in our Discord server. If you are still reading this you are definitely the right guy to join our community in Discord.

We love you Shockers! See you around!

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