Step inside Shocking Art

Escape into Katie Shock digital world of NFT creations. Her story intertwines with cosmic, fantasy, and futuristic. With her curious personality and details that are not visible at a first glance, she spices up her artworks makes them timeless. The character she places at the center of her universe is a female body and its power. She connects them with apparent tenderness, mysticism and freedom. Shocker world is a surreal world, full of surprises and little secrets – Dive with us into it!

Drawn in Procreate by hand on iPad

Procreate is powerful, fast and intuitive, and enables me to create large, complex works of art on my iPad. This saves time and enables me to concentrate on what I'm drawing, rather than getting distracted by pop-up menus.

Living on Ethereum Blockchain

KatieShockArt project was born on ETH blockchain. Rarible was the first marketplace worldwide (back in time) living on Ethereum which gave us a chance to create our own collection KatieShockArt.

Katie Shock Digital Arts of 2021


Dark Fairy
Slavic Witch
Fox Guardian
Knife Throat
Mushroom Fighter

Let's meet at Discord and get you Whitelisted before 3rd SERIES release!

Katie Shock Art Collection

Katie Shock Art is a collection combined of 10 series that will be released one after the other. New serie will be released when all artoworks from current serie find its proud owner. Each serie consists of 5 unique digital arts.

Makersplace is a Special Place

Even thought Rarible is more financial friendly to creators, we decided to also publish unique artworks to MakersPlace platform.

Katie loves hanging out with other digital creators and enjoys chating with them on this platform. There is also way better selection filter for artists which enables platform to present a lot of quality artworks.

Makers place, digiral art, NFT
The Fate of Planet Earth
Makers place, digiral art, NFT
Space Warrior
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